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  • Release date: September 26, 2017 08:48 reading times: 833
  • manufacture Plastic bottle It happens in stages. Usually, plastic bottles used to preserve drinking water and other beverages are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), because this material is both powerful and shiny. To understand the manufacturing process, it is best to first check the composition of pet and how this affects the plastic bottle.

    Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

    Pet is a thermoplastic polymer that can be opaque or transparent, depending on the exact material composition. Like most plastics, pet is produced from petroleum hydrocarbons through the reaction of terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol. To produce plastic bottles, pet first creates molecular long chain polymerization.

    Polymerization itself can be a complex process, many of which account for the contradiction between batch manufacturing of pet. Usually, two impurities are produced in polymerization: diethylene glycol and acetaldehyde. Although diethylene glycol production generally does not affect pet, acetaldehyde can be produced not only in the polymerization process, but also in the bottle manufacturing process. Large amounts of acetaldehyde used in PET bottles for manufacturing can give drinks a strange taste.

    Once the plastic itself is produced, the bottle making process can begin. To ensure that pet is suitable for use, many tests are completed post manufacturing to check that the bottle is impervious to water and that the carbon dioxide bottle carries soda water) (this is important. Other factors such as transparency, gloss, crushing resistance, resistance thickness and pressure are also carefully monitored.

    Bottle making

    The first stage is the production of stretch blow molding bottle. Pet is heated and placed in a mold, which assumes the shape of a long, thin tube. (the plastic process is forced by mold injection molding.) the tube of pet, now known as parison, is then transferred to a second, wine bottle shaped mold. Thin steel rods, known as mandrels, slide in the parison filling height with compressed air for semi-finished products, and stretch blow molding begins: due to the heat and pressure of compressed air, the parison blow and stretch the die, assuming a bottle shape. Make sure the bottom of the bottle retains its consistent flat shape, while adding a separate component of the plastic in the blow molding bottle.

    The mold must cool relatively quickly, so the newly formed components are set up correctly. There are several cooling methods, both direct and indirect, that can effectively cool molds and plastics. Water can run through the mold around the pipe, which indirectly cools the mold and the plastic. Direct methods include using compressed air or carbon dioxide directly in the mold and plastic.

    Once the bottle (or, in continuous production, the bottle) is cooled and set, it can be removed from the mold. If the continuous molding process has been used, the bottles need to be cut between them. If a discontinuous process has been used, sometimes excess plastic can be cut through the mold in manufacturing and penetration needs to be trimmed. Remove the excess plastic bottles from the mold and remove the bottles ready for transportation.

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