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Measurement of plastic bottle dimensions

  • Release date: June 5, 2017 15:49 times of reading: 504
  • Plastic bottle The appearance inspection of plastic bottle mainly includes the overall shape, surface color, gloss, appearance quality and other quality characteristics that can be perceived by human vision. The basis of appearance quality inspection is that the defects of various parts of plastic bottles are different, and different appearance defect standards are formulated. The appearance quality of plastic bottles is usually marked with the minimum allowable limit or standard samples are made. It is better to seal one standard sample for each defect for comparison and verification. However, from the overall requirements of plastic bottles, the appearance quality should be uniform and uniform milky white color, without obvious color difference, the surface of plastic bottles should be smooth and smooth, no deformation and obvious scratch marks, no sand holes, oil stains and bubbles are allowed, the mouth of plastic bottles should be smooth and smooth, and have a good cooperation with the plastic bottle caps.
    Plastic bottle appearance size detection: due to the different precision degree of preparation of medical plastic bottle, the selection of raw materials and process parameters, the appearance size accuracy changes will be different. Generally, the plastic bottles produced by the same equipment, the same raw material and molding method should be stored at the constant temperature room temperature of 23 ± 2 ℃ for a certain period of time before measurement. Under the stable process molding conditions, the appearance measurement should be carried out according to the reference dimensions of different parts of the product's appearance design drawing. The key measurement dimensions are
    ① Measurement of the overall height of the plastic bottle: the so-called overall height of the plastic bottle refers to the vertical distance from the mouth of the plastic bottle to the bottom of the bottle. The test method is to place the plastic bottle on a horizontal plane, contact one end of the vernier caliper to the highest point of the bottle mouth, and then rotate the bottle body 360 degrees to read out the maximum and minimum size values, and check whether the size is consistent with the design drawing. For example, the size error of 40-60mm bottle height should be controlled within 0.5mm.
    ② Measurement of the external diameter of the plastic bottle mouth: the specific measurement method is to put the measuring tool scale across the center of the bottle mouth, avoid the position of the mold line of the bottle body, tighten the screw thread of the bottle body, rotate the round bottle mouth 360 degrees, measure the maximum and minimum values, and compare with the design drawing of the bottle body. The external diameter error should be controlled within the range of plus or minus 0.10 mm.
    ③ Measurement of the overall diameter of plastic bottle: the measuring method is to use the measuring surface of vernier caliper to contact the measuring position of the maximum outer diameter of the bottle body, screw the vernier caliper, rotate the plastic bottle body 360 degrees, and record the size of the maximum and minimum value, and the error should be controlled within the range of 0.1 mm.
    ④ Measurement of the wall thickness of each part of the plastic bottle: for the medicinal plastic bottle with a circular revolving body, the measuring area of the symmetrical part is cut with a cutter, so that the measuring tool can enter the detection point of each part of the bottle body. At this time, the thickness of the plastic bottle mouth, the thickness of the shoulder, the thickness of the body and the thickness of the bottom of the bottle can be strictly measured, Record the maximum value and minimum value, and check whether the dimensional tolerance is within the scope of the standard requirements according to the blank drawing of the bottle body.
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