Common sense of bottle blowing mold maintenance
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Common sense of bottle blowing mold maintenance

  • Release date: May 18, 2017 10:23 times of reading: 425
  •     The surface engineering technology produced by mold manufacturers is a kind of system engineering which can obtain the required surface properties by changing the morphology, chemical composition and structure of solid metal or non-metal surface.
        1、 Plasma, laser, electron beam, high-density solar energy and other methods are used in the surface modification technology of mould production, so as to obtain surface modification by ion implantation.
        2、 Surface coating technology refers to the use of various means of surface engineering, on the surface of products to prepare a variety of special functions of the coating, with a very small amount of materials can cause a large number of expensive whole materials can play or is difficult to play the role, while greatly reducing the processing cost of parts. The main characteristic of this technology is its strong applicability. Its methods include thermal spraying, electric spark coating, plastic powder coating, vacuum evaporation, sputtering coating, ion plating, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, ion beam synthesis, etc.
        3、 Composite surface technology uses two or more surface treatment methods to treat the same workpiece, which can not only bring into play the respective characteristics of various surface treatment technologies, but also show the outstanding effect of combined use. The main applications of die production are compound surface chemical treatment, composite strengthening treatment of surface heat treatment and surface chemical heat treatment, composite treatment process of heat treatment and surface deformation strengthening, composite treatment process of plating coating and heat treatment, composite treatment process of coating and surface metallurgy, ion assisted coating, laser, etc Electron beam composite vapor deposition and composite coating, ion implantation and vapor deposition composite surface modification. First of all, we should pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mold, that is, the appearance maintenance. The appearance of the mold can not be damaged, that is, it can not be corroded. If the appearance is affected, it will have a great impact on the product quality, so the maintenance of the mold appearance is necessary.
        Secondly, it is necessary to regularly clean the injection mold in Hebei, which is also to ensure the health of the mold. For product production, the product produced by the clean and sanitary mold is better, and it will not let the mold be polluted. Finally, it is necessary to detect the parts of the mold to see whether there is a fault in the mold. This is to avoid the failure of the mold and affect the production of the product. Therefore, do a good job in these aspects of maintenance, then the injection mold can better carry out the work of product production.
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