Big market space for elderly plastic bottle packaging
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Plastic bottle packaging market for the elderly

  • Release date: 2015-11-25 10:40 reading times: 438
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        At present, China has entered an aging society, and the aging population is growing rapidly, which will open a huge aging market, which naturally breeds huge business opportunities. For plastic bottle packaging, it is closely related to many industries. The aging market will also bring changes in the demand for plastic bottle packaging. In the future, for some enterprises focusing on plastic bottle packaging, it is a great opportunity.
        At present, few manufacturers in the market focus on the development of elderly plastic bottle packaging. The old people have a lot of characteristics and habits for the use of plastic bottles, which need to be improved. In this regard, the author analyzes this from several aspects. First of all, the opening of the plastic bottle cap. Compared with the young people, the elderly need to consider the convenience of opening the plastic bottle cap. If it is too tight, it is obvious that the elderly will encounter problems in the process of opening, which is not conducive to opening. Therefore, the opening of plastic bottle caps for the elderly needs to be improved. Secondly, the font of plastic bottle label should be enlarged. Many old people have poor eyesight. Enlarge the font to facilitate the elderly recognition. Thirdly, the overall capacity of the plastic bottle should not be too large, providing handle to facilitate the elderly to carry, at the same time, we should consider the strength of the elderly to carry. Finally, the elderly have a characteristic of forgetfulness, for some important drugs, food and other products that need to be used on time, plastic bottles should strive to provide a reminder function.
        The elderly market has many special requirements for plastic bottle packaging, which requires our manufacturers to invest more time and energy to develop.
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