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Guangdong food guangkou plastic bottle 500ml transparent hand-made brown sugar plastic packaging bottle factory direct sales f-480a

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Product introduction: Dongguan Fukang plastic products professional production and sales of Guangdong food guangkou plastic bottle 500ml transparent hand-made brown sugar plastic packaging bottle factory direct sales f-480a, factory direct sales free sample consultation national unified hotline: 0769-88418592

Dongguan Fucang plastic products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of HDPE plastic bottles, pet plastic bottles, food plastic bottles, health care products plastic bottles, medical plastic bottles, etc., please consult the national unified hotline: 0769-88418592

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This is a very good and practical high-quality high-density HDPE blow molding bottle, food grade material, in line with the global health food container packaging standards, through SGS, FDA, third-party certification and testing, environmental sanitation, quality assurance. Personalized can body design and good sealing performance, suitable for all kinds of health care products, drugs, capsules, tablets, powders, granules, welcome to consult and purchase




  Our company specializes in the production of health care plastic bottles, medicine packaging bottles. Categories include solid medicine bottle, bait bottle, fish medicine bottle, translucent PE bottle, 200 ml plastic bottle, transparent plastic wide mouth bottle, HDPE bottle, health food plastic bottle, PE medicine bottle, round HDPE bottle, capsule packaging bottle, veterinary medicine plastic bottle, small capacity plastic bottle, Dongguan plastic bottle manufacturer, circular medical medicine bottle, mushroom and fungus packaging bottle, etc, Welcome to purchase!


Fukang production capacity:

Injection molding capacity (PET preform): 80000 pieces / day

Blow molding capacity (PET plastic bottle): 100000 sets / day

Extrusion and blowing capacity (PE plastic bottle): 15000 pieces / day



Can solve the process: support logo customization, bottle body design, cap oxidation lettering, screen printing, gilding (hot silver), label printing, set shrink film, sticker label, sanding.

Product introduction                                                                             PRODUCT PICTURES

      • Product information
      • Product Name: d-045a   Pet health products plastic round bottle
      • Product specification: diameter 35 * height 62mm  
      • Production process: blow molding  
      • material       Material: bottle PET, cap can be equipped with aluminum cap or plastic cap  
      • Packing method: carton (each vial has an independent OPP bag, and a large plastic bag is tied up                 The layer is carton, which can ensure the safety during transportation  
      • type of shipping:   Logistics (express delivery or designated logistics according to customer requirements)
      • Proofing fee: Free samples (sample to be paid soon)   Hotline fifteen billion fifteen million three hundred and four thousand seven hundred and eighty-six           QQ:402276096
      • Save tips:   It is recommended to keep it at normal temperature (not in high temperature)  
      • Product introduction:   This product is 45ml transparent PET plastic bottle It can be equipped with gold or silver metal cover and plastic safety cover. It can be used for the packaging of solid preparations such as tablets, capsules and Maca bottles of health products.    The color of bottle or lid can be customized according to customer requirements (please talk with customer service for details and price).

  Product size description:


  • The bottle can be equipped with multiple caps and different colors, and the bottle body can also be made in various colors. The unit price is also different. Due to the limitation of Ali format, please contact customer service for specific price details.
  • This product is not resistant to high temperature, and the contents can not exceed 60 ℃.
  • Samples can be provided free of charge, but the sample express fee is on delivery (the express delivery is SF express by default, please contact customer service for other express delivery)
  • We are a manufacturer with many styles and orders, and the inventory changes greatly. If there is no inventory, we will arrange the production as soon as possible. We suggest that you order in advance or consult with customer service in advance.

  Product accessories drawing                                                                         PRODUCT PICTURES

  •   Sealing effect of gasket                              PRODUCT PICTURES

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