Several characteristics of raw materials for plastic packaging bottle
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Characteristics of raw materials for plastic packaging bottles

  • Release date: 2021-06-01 19:24 reading times: 261
  • Plastic packaging bottle It is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics, food and other industries. Its processing raw materials mainly include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, high barrier, etc. according to the different characteristics of the goods contained, different processing materials are selected. The characteristics of general plastic raw materials are mainly investigated in the following aspects:

            1. Tensile strength It is the critical value of transition from uniform plastic deformation to local concentrated plastic deformation, and it is also the maximum bearing capacity of material under static tension. Tensile strength is the resistance to the maximum uniform plastic deformation.

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    2. Elongation: It refers to the percentage of the ratio of the elongation of the original gauge length to the original gauge length after tensile fracture of the material sample. Elongation is an important parameter to indicate uniform deformation or stable deformation of materials.  

    3. Impact toughness: It refers to the ability of material to absorb plastic deformation work and fracture work under impact load, which reflects the fine defects and impact resistance of materials. Impact toughness refers to. The practical significance of the subject is to reveal the brittle tendency of materials, which reflects the resistance of materials to external impact loads.  

    4. Tensile modulus of elasticity: It can be regarded as an index to measure the difficulty of elastic deformation of materials. The larger the value is, the greater the stress of certain elastic deformation will be, that is, the greater the material stiffness, that is, the smaller the elastic deformation will be under the action of a certain stress.  

    5. Hardness: The ability of a material to partially resist hard material pressing into its surface is called hardness. The local resistance of solid to the invasion of external objects is an index to compare the hardness and hardness of various materials. R stands for Rockwell hardness.  

    6. Thermal deformation temperature: It shows whether the plastic material can keep the same shape under high temperature and pressure. Generally, the short-term heat resistance of the plastic is indicated by the thermal deformation temperature.

    7. Maximum continuous service temperature: When the plastics are heated for a long time, even if the temperature is far lower than the thermal decomposition temperature, it will also cause changes in materials, such as degradation, oxidation, crosslinking or hydrolysis, which will lead to the degradation of material performance.

    The above are several characteristics of raw materials for plastic packaging bottles, and different raw materials also have different performance. Selecting appropriate raw materials according to the packaging needs can better ensure the safety of the contents.


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