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  • Release date: 2021-06-08 10:47 reading times: 299
  • Jars According to the material, it is divided into wide mouth bottle and glass wide mouth bottle. Plastic light mouth is mainly used in daily life, glass jar is used in laboratory and chemical products. Glass bottles can be divided into brown and transparent because of their colors. Brown flasks are used to hold substances that are easy to decompose when exposed to light. Transparent flasks are conducive to observing the physical properties of internal objects from the outside. Because its mouth is divided into spiral mouth, frosted mouth, no grinding mouth. The sealing performance of the screw mouth is good, which is conducive to transportation without leakage during transportation. Frosted and non frosted ports are mainly used in laboratories and chemical enterprises. In the laboratory, the jar is mainly used to hold solid reagents. And liquid reagents that are not suitable for volatilization and oxidation. The inner side of the ground glass bottle is ground and matched with the glass frosting match. Therefore, the wide mouth bottle with glass stopper can not hold alkaline reagent. If it contains alkaline reagent, rubber stopper should be used instead. Because the basic hydroxyl ion reacts with silica in glass, the product is mouth to plug adhesion. In the purchase of wide mouth bottles is based on their own needs to buy reasonable.

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