Solid foundation of pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging
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Solid foundation of pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging

  • Release date: 2021-05-18 17:57 reading times: 316
  • Medicine is a kind of special commodity, which is used as packaging material in direct contact with drugs (or container) must be able to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs, ensure the stability of drug quality, and meet the convenience needs of patients.
        At present, plastic is one of the main packaging materials in various industries. Although the history of plastic used in pharmaceutical packaging is not too long, it has occupied a large part of the market. Plastics have many advantages, including light weight, not easy to break, easy to use, barrier to gas, easy to compound with different plastics and other materials, mature molding technology, etc., which determines that plastics have played and will play an important role in pharmaceutical packaging.

        medical Plastic bottle The adaptability between the drug and the packaged drug is a problem that the pharmaceutical manufacturer must solve when choosing the packaging material. Light, heat, humidity, microorganism, oxygen and mechanical impact may have adverse effects on drug quality. The purpose of packaging is to prevent the above external factors from affecting and damaging the drug quality in a certain degree.

         At present, solid oral preparations are packaged in multi-purpose bottles (mostly plastic bottles), bubble cap packaging and strip packaging. For plastic bottles, in addition to material selection, there must be a certain thickness and thickness uniformity, and the sealing of the bottle mouth is good. For blister packaging, the forming hard sheet must have a certain thickness. If PVC sheet can not meet the requirement of temperature resistance, pet or PVC / PVDC composite sheet can be used. The other layer of blister packaging is aluminum foil for drug packaging. The quality of the original foil used is better. It is generally believed that the thickness above 0.025 mm is pinhole free. All kinds of composite films used in strip packaging should be carefully selected according to the characteristics of drugs. Liquid oral liquid packaging is still mainly in glass bottles and plastic bottles. Oral liquid plastic bottles are usually made of PP or pet, which can provide enough mechanical strength, avoid mechanical damage, and provide gas barrier and microbial barrier. Among them, PET bottle is better. The flavor of syrup oral liquid packed in the bottle will not be reduced through the bottle wall.

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