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Solid plastic bottles are widely used in many industries, and most of them are in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Release date: 2021-05-06 09:27 reading times: 318
  • solid Plastic bottle It is widely used in many industries Which exist in different forms in our pharmaceutical industry. Medical solid plastic bottles have enough rigidity and beautiful appearance, which can attract users' attention. Consumers can have many choices and usability in use. The most common shapes of medical plastic bottles are round, square, oval, etc. from the perspective of use, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
      Some medical plastic bottles are relatively thin So the plastic bottle and the edge of the corner should be assumed to be rounded. Change the details of the shape of the plastic bottle. The stiffness and bending strength of plastic bottle can be improved by adding annular groove or plastic rib.
    Plastic packaging of drugs We mainly focus on the safety and function of medical bottle packaging, focusing on the appearance of medical bottle is very few. We advocate the actual packaging of medical bottle, but ignore their appearance. In fact, with the development of the medical market, we believe that the defects in the appearance of medicine bottles in the past are in urgent need of improvement.
    The application of medical plastic bottles is different for different people Many areas are worth improving. For children's market, for example, how to avoid children's fear of drugs, a drug and so on, in order to prevent children from eating by mistake, there are many areas for improvement in medical plastic bottles. For the medical products of the elderly, the font should be added as much as possible in the appearance of medical bottle label to facilitate identification.
    The appearance of medical plastic bottle needs us to strengthen our understanding of it To improve its systematicness, it not only meets the functional requirements, but also has a lot of room for improvement in the fineness and other aspects.

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