High temperature resistance of food plastic bottle
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High temperature resistance of plastic food bottles

  • Release date: 2021-04-26 08:24 reading times: 325
  • food Plastic bottle The high temperature resistance is not only reflected in the sun, but also in the long use chain. In this chain, the high temperature resistance is particularly important. For food Plastic bottle The production of plastic food bottles has always been under strict standards, as well as the supervision of relevant departments. Therefore, in this stage of the production process, food plastic bottles are relatively safe for food. However, from production to filling, then to logistics, and finally to the hands of consumers, whether the plastic food bottles are still as good as they were at the factory, there is no guarantee. In the high temperature environment, the safety and stability of food bottle packaging, has now attracted everyone's attention. The first is in the food plastic bottle filling link. Now more and more food will use high temperature sterilization, which requires food plastic bottles have a relatively high temperature resistance index, otherwise in the filling process, the safety of food plastic bottles is difficult to guarantee. Secondly, in the link of transportation and shelf, the weather is hot in summer, and the temperature in the carriage is higher. In such an environment, food plastic bottles need to maintain the stability of their packaging and ensure the high temperature resistance.

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