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Fu Kang plastic tells you where the advantages of plastic bottles instead of glass bottles are!

  • Release date: 2021-04-21 10:47 reading times: 379
  • Plastic bottle It's been a long time It has developed very rapidly and has replaced glass bottles in many occasions. Now, it has become a trend for plastic bottles to replace glass bottles in many industries, such as large capacity injection bottles, oral liquid bottles, food seasoning bottles, daily chemical products bottles, etc. This is mainly because of its many advantages

    1. Light weight: the material density of the plastic bottle is smaller, and the weight of the container with the same volume is lighter than that of the plastic bottle.

    2. Low cost: plastics can reduce the cost of raw materials and transportation, so the total price is relatively cheap.

    3. Good sealing performance: plastic combined with reliable sealing structure, so the internal can be effectively protected.

    4. Strong plasticity: compared with glass, the plasticity of plastics is greatly increased.

    5. Easy to print. The surface of plastic bottles is easy to print, which is good for promoting sales.

    6. Time saving and labor saving: the glass bottle cleaning process is reduced, and the labor cost is effectively saved. At the same time, the use of plastic bottles can also effectively reduce the noise pollution in the production process.

    7. Convenient transportation: the weight of plastic is lighter than that of glass, so it is easier to load, load and unload, and is not easy to be damaged.

          8. Safe and durable: plastic is not easy to be damaged in the process of transportation, storage and use.


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