The production process of plastic packaging bottle
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Production process of plastic packaging bottle -- injection and blowing

  • Release date: 2021-06-30 13:43 reading times: 296
  • Plastic packaging bottle It is widely used in medicine packaging, daily necessities, food and other industries. In terms of processing methods, mainly extrusion blow molding and injection blowing, today we mainly explain injection blowing.



    Injection blow molding is a blow molding method which combines injection molding with blow molding. Firstly, the injection molding was used to produce the mold with bottom, and then the mold embryo was transferred to the blow molding mold for blow molding. Injection blow molding is the first step to produce the embryo. The injection injects the melt into the injection mold with blowing core tube to form the embryo with bottom, and then it is transferred to the blow molding mold of blowing station for blowing through mechanical device; Then the die is blown and the die is closed. The compressed air is introduced into the die through the air hole of the mandrel. Under the air pressure, the die fits tightly with the blow molding cavity and is transferred to the demoulding station after cooling; Finally, the products are demoulded, and the products are ejected from the mandrel in the demoulding station or directly sent to the packaging post, and then the products are produced in the next cycle.

    The plastic packaging bottle produced by this process will not form a joint seam on the surface, and it does not need to be trimmed after molding. Generally, there will be no surplus material at the edges and corners. The wall thickness of the finished product is uniform and the accuracy is high. It is suitable for small capacity plastic packaging bottles Plastic bottle Processing.

    With the continuous progress of science and technology, the processing technology of plastic packaging bottle is also constantly improving. For example, the two-step injection drawing blowing process has been gradually replaced by the more advanced one-step injection, drawing and blowing process, and the quality of plastic bottles will also have a qualitative leap.

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