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Basic principles of shape design of plastic packaging bottle

  • Release date: 2021-05-25 14:26 reading times: 427
  • As a kind of packaging container, plastic packaging bottle is widely used in all walks of life. It has the characteristics of light weight, durability, easy molding, good barrier and low cost. With the continuous change of market demand, Plastic packaging bottle However, no matter how it changes, it basically follows the following principles:

    1500ML Data line bottle

    1. In line with the application scenario. The shape of plastic packaging bottle should be in line with the application scenarios of the items to be filled, and the requirements for the shape of the bottle vary with different uses. For example, beverage bottles and daily necessities bottles have higher requirements on the appearance of beauty, while medicine bottles pay more attention to functionality and protection of drugs.

    2. Easy to use. No matter how changeable the shape is, it is convenient for users to hold it, and the purpose of convenient use will not change. This is also an important factor affecting the market share of products.

    3. Meet special needs. According to the different contents of plastic packaging bottles, there are different requirements for the material or color of bottles. For example, some drugs that are easy to decompose in light will choose brown bottles, while corrosive liquids such as disinfectants will generally choose high barrier bottles with better barrier performance.

    With the increasing market demand, the amount of plastic packaging bottles is also increasing year by year, and the shape design of bottles will be more diversified to meet the changing market demand.

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